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A sensory room—a therapeutic space with a variety of equipment that provides to people with special needs ,with personalized sensory input—helps these children calm and focus themselves so they can be better prepared for learning and interacting with others.The human brain is designed to produce and regulate responses to the body’s sensory experiences — those things we touch, see, smell, taste and hear. This connection between the brain and our behavior is called “sensory integration.” For most people, this is a normal and typically overlooked part of their daily experience. But for an individual with a developmental disorder, including autism, the way the brain processes these experiences can be a major source of distress and discomfort.One of the best method of treating and overcoming sensory problems is the use of a sensory room. These “safe” spaces are designed to provide a place for individuals with sensory issues to decompress and confront a variety of sensory issues in a way that will ultimately help them learn to cope with seemingly normal experiences.How does a sensory room help? It can provide a place for an individual with special needs to go when a meltdown occurs. But, it’s not just a place for a time-out. While it can be a calm space where they can regain control of their emotions, a sensory room can also provide a low-stress, fun environment for an individual to work through their emotions and reactions to certain stimuli.

What Do Sensory Rooms Do?

While they can’t necessarily take away their brain’s sensitivity to certain stimuli, they can train their brain to overcome its sensitivity and develop coping mechanisms that will serve them well in the world beyond their sensory space.Many people often wonder if creating a sensory room is a good investment. We would respond with a wholehearted “yes.” Providing your loved one with a safe space to develop and overcome their sensory challenges is an act of love and caring that has been shown to have significant benefits for children and adults.

What is sensory equipment?

Sensory equipment is a vital tool in helping to treat a variety of sensory disorders in both adults and children. ... Sensory equipment can help develop key life skills such as vocalisation, gross motor skills, colour recognition and social interaction, and much more...


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